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Viactiv Calcium Plus D delivers three vital nutrients in one great tasting soft chew. 

2 FLAVORS/ *60 or 100 count

With 30% more calcium than gummy supplements, 2/3 less sugar, and two indulgent, creamy flavors - you'll look forward to taking Viactiv calcium chews every day.

With 650mg of Calcium per chew vs. 500mg in the leading calcium gummies, you get the goodness of hard-to swallow pills with the great taste you expect from a gummy. No tradeoffs. That’s the same amount of calcium in 2 glasses of milk in just one chocolate calcium chew.

Compared to the leading gummies, our calcium chews are the only ones with both Vitamin D and K1 to boost calcium absorption and help bone mineral density† 

Research shows that calcium deficiency develops in approximately half of patients that have undergone gastric bypass surgery.† Lifelong adherence to dietary calcium and vitamin D is very important to maintain calcium levels post gastric bypass surgery.†